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Underage Gaming Policy: Promoting Responsible Play at Highway Casino


Welcome to Highway Casino, where we strive to create a thrilling and responsible gaming environment for our players. As part of our commitment to promoting safe and enjoyable gaming experiences, we have implemented a comprehensive Underage Gaming Policy. This policy outlines our stringent measures to prevent and address underage gambling, ensuring that our platform is only accessible to individuals of legal age.

Our Commitment to Responsible Gaming

At Highway Casino, responsible gaming is at the core of our values. We believe in providing an entertaining and secure platform while acknowledging the potential risks associated with gambling. Our commitment to responsible gaming extends to preventing underage individuals from accessing our services.

Age Verification Process

Ensuring the age verification of our players is a top priority at Highway Casino. To create a secure and responsible gaming environment, we have implemented a robust age verification process.

Registration Process

During the registration process, all players are required to provide accurate personal information, including their date of birth. This information is crucial for verifying the player’s age and compliance with legal requirements. Highway Casino utilizes advanced age verification tools to cross-reference the provided data with external databases, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Document Verification

In certain cases, we may request additional documentation to verify a player’s age. This may include government-issued identification documents, such as a driver’s license or passport. We handle all personal information with the utmost confidentiality, following strict privacy policies and guidelines.

Strict Penalties for Underage Gambling

Highway Casino enforces a zero-tolerance policy for underage gambling. Any attempt to register and play on our platform by individuals below the legal gambling age will be met with severe consequences.

Account Suspension

If, during our regular monitoring processes, we identify any suspicious activity indicating underage gambling, we will suspend the account immediately. The account will remain suspended until the age verification process is successfully completed.

Confiscation of Winnings

In cases where a player is found to have violated our underage gaming policy, any winnings obtained will be confiscated. We believe in fair play, and this measure ensures that underage individuals do not benefit from activities that contravene legal and ethical standards.

Legal Consequences

Engaging in underage gambling not only violates our policies but also local and international laws. Highway Casino is committed to cooperating with law enforcement authorities to address any instances of underage gambling. Legal actions may be pursued against individuals attempting to circumvent our age verification processes.

Parental Controls and Education

Highway Casino understands the importance of parental involvement in preventing underage gambling. We encourage parents and guardians to take advantage of available tools to monitor and control their children’s online activities.

Parental Control Software

To assist parents in managing their children’s access to online gaming, we recommend the use of reputable parental control software. These tools allow parents to set restrictions on internet usage, including access to gaming websites.

Communication and Education

We are committed to educating both parents and players about the risks of underage gambling. Through our website, we provide resources, articles, and communication materials to raise awareness about responsible gaming practices and the potential dangers of underage gambling.

Reporting Underage Gambling

We encourage our community members to be vigilant and report any instances of suspected underage gambling. Reporting can be done through our dedicated customer support channels, where information will be treated with confidentiality and urgency.

Reporting Process

If you suspect that an individual is underage and engaged in gambling activities on Highway Casino, please contact our support team immediately. Provide as much detail as possible, including the player’s username and any other relevant information. We appreciate the cooperation of our community in maintaining a safe gaming environment.

Whistleblower Protection

Highway Casino values individuals who come forward to report underage gambling. We have implemented whistleblower protection measures to ensure that those who report such activities are shielded from any potential retaliation.


At Highway Casino, we believe that responsible gaming is a shared responsibility. By adhering to our Underage Gaming Policy, we aim to create an environment that not only entertains but also prioritizes the safety and well-being of our players. Together, let’s ensure that Highway Casino remains a place for thrilling experiences, enjoyed responsibly and ethically.