Creativity from the heart

What are the benefits of needlework

Modern women are active and participate in society on an equal basis with men. They take on many masculine responsibilities, which leaves an imprint on their appearance and behavior.

Any activity, whatever you do, affects a person: a leadership position is reflected in your character, and physical activity changes your appearance

But the feminine essence, which has evolved over thousands of years, remains the same. Therefore, many of us are so drawn to creativity.

Interest in needlework is gaining popularity again today. Women subconsciously feel that engaging in male business and mastering the outer space is reflected in their nature and inner world.

That is why they turn to needlework, which, by the way, activates the work of the right hemisphere of the brain – illogical, creative, feminine.

When a woman knits, sews, embroiders, creates, she comes into harmony with her feminine nature. A creative flight of thought creates a good mood and inner harmony, which are transmitted not only to the product, but to everything that surrounds you.

Thus, doing needlework, a woman creates beneficial vibrations and makes the world more beautiful.

How needlework affects femininity

– one of the activities that fills us with feminine energy. Scientists even conducted a study that made it possible to prove that women simply need manual labor in a vital way.

Pressing the buttons of the washing machine and dishwasher is not enough! Passion for needlework helps to increase the level of hormones in the blood, which invariably leads to the stabilization and strengthening of women’s health.

During manual creativity, there is a switch from an endless stream of tasks and thoughts to very specific monotonous actions. This stops the disjointed thought process.

Thanks to this, a woman finds inner harmony: she becomes calmer, more balanced, more tender.Any kind of needlework is a useful activity for the female psyche.

A woman is too emotional, and performing the same movements helps to calm down and relax.This is a kind of female meditation, a ritual. Remember how humility and patience are taught to Buddhist monks.

An ancient, unusual and very beautiful art helps them train their willpower – laying out pictures (mandalas) from multi-colored sand and crushed marble.

Monotonous and monotonous movements cause changes in the psyche. The heart rhythm calms down, the tension in the muscles and the nervous system goes away.

There comes a natural state of meditation, abstraction from problems. Such manual labor well helps to cope with anxiety and internal tension and get out of a state of stress.

By doing needlework, we tell our body that everything is calm, there is enough time, and everything will be fine.

It helps us to feel here and now: here I am, here is my house, here are my hands, and with them I create beauty.

This is a calm and peaceful occupation, during which you can not think about anything, but you can dream .

Manual creativity activates the right hemisphere of the brain, non-standard thinking and develops artistic taste. You learn to combine colors, textures and materials.

This is very important, especially if you have not yet found your favorite business. Yes, and the activation of fine motor skills is always useful.

Our activities really leave an imprint on our behavior, perception and life in general. It is worth considering what matters in your life are more – “male” or “female”. How do they affect you?

What emotions are you experiencing? What do you enjoy doing?

Needlework soothes

Knitting, for example, is called spice therapy. Studies conducted by scientists have shown that after half an hour of doing needlework, blood pressure normalizes and the pulse returns to normal.

Many women have noticed how, after a hard day at work, having given some time to creativity, their fatigue and irritation disappeared.

When we create something with our own hands, it not only calms us down, but also fills us with energy, gives us the strength to move on in life.

We become more positive and joyful, which means we give more warmth to our family, our loved ones and close people.


Any creativity is self-expression. And having chosen an occupation to your liking, you will easily master the basics of technology, because doing it to your liking is the most exciting activity!

Developing further, you will be able to create masterpieces yourself! And every thing you make will be unique!

Creating beauty with our own hands, we feel like artists, and each of our masterpieces serves as a source of pride and increases self-esteem.

We experience joy not only admiring the finished product, but we also enjoy the process itself. And of course we want our work to be appreciated. Therefore, many craftswomen say that they like to do something for others.

Handicraft brings children together

Watching you create, your child will surely want to try and repeat it. By educating him, you will enrich your relationship, and it will bring you closer.

You need to start learning from the basics and, of course, it is important to be patient. This will not only improve your relationship, but also allow you to cultivate perseverance, patience and will in your child.

It also organizes his free time usefully – learning and communicating with you, instead of meaningless watching TV. In addition, manual labor develops spatial imagination and hand motor skills. And then the thing that the child made himself will bring him great joy!