Sewing and needlework

Fabric sewing. Description and properties

There are many studies on the history of fashion that discuss the styles, cuts and silhouettes of dresses, hats and underwear, but little is said about how these things actually appeared and from where.

And this is a very important moment of that former life, when there were no ready-made clothing stores yet.

It is poorly imagined, but the woman was concerned about clothes for the whole family.

Namely, the production of these clothes. From an early age, girls were taught to sew and knit, and decorative needlework. Often – this was the science that girls comprehended from early childhood.

Sewing is a fabric decorated with ornaments, drawings and welt patterns. Depending on the final goal, the complexity of the cuts and the pattern can be either the simplest (circles, rhombuses) or complex (ornamental drawings, multi-stage embroidery).

Sewing is most often made from silk or cotton, as they lend themselves well to complex decoration and are not subject to “shedding” of the edges.

Artificial fibers are practically not used in production, since such a fabric is not an independent material – it is intended for decoration and accents.

From the sewing material, you can sew accessories for dresses, jackets, blouses and bags. It is often used in the production of children’s christening clothes and decorating bedding sets.

It is also used in creating an interior in the boho style – to decorate home textiles or drapery of individual areas.

Needlework from the origins to our time

DIY needlework is an integral part of a person’s life, which was born with the first breath of the first person and continues to develop with him to this day.

Yes, manufactured goods are also functional and aesthetic, but they are cold and monotonous, while handmade goods are always diverse, warm and emotional, because no one person can do handmade work exactly and without feelings and emotions.

Now we call needlework those works that are not done in production, such as scrapbooking, cross-stitching, etc., or they are done, but not as it should or would be desirable, for example, knitting, burning, sewing and much more.

From all this, we understand that needlework, as an art, will never disappear as long as a person lives on earth. And every year it will improve and keep pace with the times.


Why do craftswomen all over the world love to croak over the hoop so much? For a unique aura of calmness, smoothness of movements and relaxation of the soul.

How did the work on drawing crosses on fabric begin? Let’s delve into the history of the creation of this craft.

Unfortunately, not a single historical archive can give information about the exact date of the appearance of cross-stitch, however, in many museums you can find handmade embroidery from the 12th and subsequent centuries.

In the culture of each country there were embroidered paintings with colorful ornaments or patterns. The first to transfer the face of the saints to the fabric was Western Europe.

Then, every year the image and style of embroidery changed, paintings with people and landscapes appeared.

Gradually, craftswomen began to decorate their traditional costumes with embroidery. The widespread use of embroidery as an established craft unfolds in the 18th century. Then the first directions appeared: urban and home embroidery.

The urban style of embroidery was very fickle, it changed depending on the fashion and the materials that appeared in use. As for the urban style, its directions were mainly cultural customs and traditions.

Embroidery on things was carried out strictly according to the rules, the pattern should be located together directly near the body – the collar, sleeves, underground.

Blankets and towels were decorated with patterns associated with fertility and agriculture.Each thread color had its own meaning.

A little later, cross-stitching served as a kind of indicator of the girl’s ability to work. Craftswomen embroidered canvases, which they then showed as their dowry.

The brighter and more complex the embroidery was, the more likely the girl had to get married. In Russian culture, the common styles of embroidery were satin stitch, counted cross, through sewing, semi-satin stitch.

Gradually, from the West, merchants began to import more and more diverse fabrics and threads for embroidery, but due to the high cost, not everyone could afford this needlework.

As for our days, modern needlewomen have more than enough room for imagination. In specialized needlework stores, large stands of cross-stitch for beginners are set aside.

Every year new brands of floss threads appear with an unusually huge palette of different shades, suitable for the most complex paintings.

Canvas is also not inferior to versatility, varies from the smallest to the largest cross.One thing is clear, our ancestors passed on to us a wonderful skill that passes from one female generation to another.


Knitting with the help of various devices is not only fashionable and interesting outfits, but also an opportunity to show your extraordinary abilities for needlework.

The world’s designers are currently creating a lot of things that are handmade fashion products.

In the modern world, which is full of various needlework tools and a lot of threads of various quality and color, every woman has the opportunity to create with her own hands the things she wants.

Knitting needles for needlework are used in absolutely various materials, such as wood, plastic, metal. It is very important that the knitting needles at the ends have special restrictive fishing lines so that the loops do not slip off.

Various weaves, including braids, harnesses must be made using an additional knitting needle or the so-called “holder loop”.

Any girl who follows fashion trends, of course, knows how difficult it is to look stylish and elegant enough in our modern world. Probably, she is afraid to meet a girl on the way, dressed in the same sweater or dress as you.

In expensive boutiques, more and more new collections are constantly appearing, which do not always surprise sophisticated fashionable ladies not only with their variety, but also with originality, which is so important in the modern world.

Knitting with knitting needles, or with the help of a hook, in the future, will help you no longer get into such awkward situations.

Thanks to the knitting of various products, any of your outfits will not be identical with the outfits of your girlfriends and colleagues.

Dresses, blouses, capes, sweaters – that’s what any woman can make with her own hands. Gone are the days when women literally bought up all the magazines in which the step-by-step knitting methods were drawn, or passed the magazines from hand to hand.

All patterns for knitting can, without much difficulty, be found on the Internet.Knit and you will see how diverse your wardrobe will be, and how nice it is to wear things that you have created with your own hands, putting your soul into it!