New techniques and types of needlework and creativity

Paper art

Origami, the oriental art of paper folding, immediately comes to mind. But today quilling or paper rolling, an even more popular technique, has become a worthy competitor to him. From thin (or not so) paper strips, paintings, panels, voluminous crafts are made.

In the description of paper art, the creation of flowers from crepe paper, which is fashionable today, should also be highlighted.

The most beautiful compositions were originally made with a filling of sweets in buds, for the originality of the presentation of the gift. Today, this is a separate type of creativity – flowers can be miniature, but huge paper flowers as part of a festive installation are also popular.


Beading and beadwork is an incredibly painstaking type of needlework that allows you to create stunningly beautiful paintings, jewelry, and accessories with the help of tiny beads. My beloved mother embroiders pictures with beads from which you simply cannot take your eyes off.


Topiary is an interior decoration in the form of a tree with a lush crown, usually in the shape of a ball. Such trees are also called the “Tree of Happiness” or “European Tree”.

Topiary is a great alternative for those who don’t like indoor plants. Original small trees are made of various materials in absolutely any color scheme and style, so you can create your own unique topiary for any interior.

One article would not be enough for me to tell in detail about each of the above areas, and this, of course, is not a complete list of all types of needlework that exist.

I have listed the most popular today. I myself can not call myself a pro in any particular type of needlework, but I have experience in sewing, knitting (especially crocheting), modeling from polymer clay, beading, cross-stitching, soap making.

Women’s hobbies

New types of needlework in the world do not appear very often, but modern girls who want to stand out from the crowd have plenty to choose from!

Traditional needlework techniques rarely go into oblivion, rather the opposite – old craftsmanship return and quickly gain their fans.

But progress does not stand still, and modern technologies and the way of life of people contribute to the emergence of new types of needlework that deserve no less attention than the oldest techniques.

What to do for a girl who wants to be in trend and keep up with the rapid development of the needlework world.

Street knitting in a new style

The technique of knitting has been around for a long time, but modern knitters do not want to limit themselves to creating clothes and home decor items.

Today it is fashionable to knit “outfits” for city streets, parks and their own summer cottages. This direction appeared in 2005 absolutely by accident.

It was invented by the owner of an American store in order to draw attention to her product. The hobby has received a name and has already won the hearts of Europeans.

Want to try? Start knitting covers for trees, garden pots, trash cans. Tie a mesh fence, dress a dog house or birdhouse, lampposts or flower vases in a bright “suit”. It is not only fashionable, but also very beautiful!

Diamond embroidery – Japanese miracle

Studying modern types of needlework, you should not miss. This fascinating and very beautiful hobby came from China.

In it, the Chinese combined two ancient techniques at once – mosaic and embroidery with beads and stones.

The technology of diamond embroidery bears little resemblance to traditional ones, since needles and fabrics are not used here.

The picture is obtained by laying out patterns from rhinestones on a finished scheme, pre-coated with special glue. Instead of a needle, tweezers are used, with which the motif is carefully laid out, following the image. The finished work is covered with a transparent varnish for durability.

In this way, you can “embroider” not only paintings, but also voluminous objects, for example, caskets, vases, bottles.

To try yourself in this new type of needlework, you need to buy a ready-made kit, which includes a diagram with an adhesive surface, protected by paper, a set of rhinestones, tweezers.

In large paintings, the adhesive base is covered with sheets of several fragments, which prevents drying out and allows you to stretch the pleasure of creating a masterpiece for several days.

Polymer clay jewelry

Polymer clay, or plastic, is a relatively new material that needlewomen could not ignore. Plastic has nothing to do with real clay, as it is a typical polymer present.

with this material is simple – it is easy to give the plastic mass any shape, mixing shades and colors. Finished products can be baked, or you can simply boil them in boiling water – it’s faster and much safer.

Mastering new types of needlework, craftswomen learned how to create elements for jewelry from polymer clay – necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets. These can be complex flower figures or ordinary beads resembling minerals.

One of the most interesting areas in this type of creativity is a technique that imitates cross-stitch. Such work requires perseverance and patience, but the result is worth it to try.

Weaving from newspaper tubes

This relatively new type of handicraft was born due to the fact that waste paper collection points were closed, and free advertising newspapers began to appear in the boxes every day. Decor and household items are woven from newspapers: baskets, vases, boxes for linen, caskets, all kinds of boxes.