Needlework patchwork

How patchwork became relevant again

What kind of needlework does not exist in the world. An unusual type of needlework is patchwork, or as it is also called patchwork.

A sewn pillow or blanket using the patchwork technique will give the apartment coziness and warmth. It is not a sin to brag about products made using the patchwork technique, but once patchwork was associated with poverty.

The history of patchwork needlework

No one knows exactly when the patchwork was born and who was its creator. Undoubtedly, patchwork is an ancient type of needlework, because the items found in the patchwork technique were made in the 10th century BC.

The first country where patchwork became popular and widespread was England. Actually, the name “patchwork” came from England and literally translates as “patchwork”.

It all started in the 1700s, when it became impossible to get calico in England. Scraps from calico clothes were not thrown away, but were used for sewing other products. If there were very tiny pieces of chintz, then they were sewn together, forming a canvas.

What can be sewn using the patchwork technique

Patchwork is popular with both domestic and foreign needlewomen. Thanks to an unusual technique, you can create exclusive things that you will not find anywhere else. Basically, products made using the patchwork technique are used as decorative elements or serve as household items.

  • Toys;
  • Blankets;
  • Floor mats;
  • Bedspreads or blankets;
  • Potholders;
  • Curtains.

And this is not the whole list of things that can be created using patchwork. Experienced patchwork craftswomen use for tailoring. Clothing made using the patchwork technique will look very original and stylish: jeans, dresses, sundresses, t-shirts, sweaters and even coats.

Tips for beginner craftswomen:

Try to sew a patchwork product by purchasing a ready-made sewing kit. It does not matter what it will be, a toy, a pillow or a blanket, but it is better to start acquaintance with the technique with the help of a complete set.
During the training period, it is better to give preference to large square-shaped fabric pieces.
At first, it is better not to take on large-sized products, but to practice on a small thing.

Performance techniques

There are several techniques for making patchwork, depending on the shape of the pieces of fabric.

Squares. A simple and classic technique that uses square pieces of fabric. It is better for beginner needlewomen to start with the classic method of execution.

Triangles. The triangle has long been considered a magical symbol that carries a certain meaning. Patchwork with triangular details is widespread among both domestic and foreign craftswomen.

Honeycombs. To use this technique, patches in the form of a six-sided polygon are used.
Chess. To create a patchwork chess technique, you need to take several fabrics, the colors of which will contrast with each other.

Strip. Rectangular pieces of fabric are sewn together, creating a unique canvas.
Mixed media. In mixed media, combinations of triangles, squares, stripes in various combinations are used.

Varieties of patchwork

Features of the patchwork technique differ depending on the territorial distribution, on the differences in the materials used for manufacturing.

Classical. It is made from patches of geometric shape. The classic technique is good because it can be used to create both large products (blankets, bedspreads, pillows, carpets) and miniature ones (handbags, kitchen potholders, glasses cases).

Crazy patchwork does not provide patterns of the correct geometric shape. The seams with this technique are hidden by a braid, a decorative overlock.

Knitted. It is somewhat similar to the classic look, but at the same time, the parts are not sewn together, but are connected using knitting needles or a hook. Most often, this type of patchwork is used for the manufacture of blankets, capes, napkins.

Quilting. A feature of the execution is that the finished product has several layers, which gives the effect of volume, elegance.

What does the word “patchwork” mean?

The most fun, it seems, folk art is patchwork. This is a type of needlework made from multi-colored patches of fabric. Multi-colored geometric shapes are interconnected with a sewing machine or by hand into a variety of patterns.

The development of patchwork today

Nowadays, to create a patchwork quilt, a high precision cut is required. You will need patterns, which are different geometric shapes, made of paper or plastic.

In modern needlework stores, metal figures for patchwork patterns are sold, providing slots for marking seam lines.

For seams, an allowance is made from half a centimeter for cotton fabrics and up to two centimeters for fabrics that easily crumble. If in ancient times the shreds were sewn on as needed, today, when laying out a pattern on fabric, even the direction of the shared thread is taken into account.

Thanks to the Internet, it is now easy to find many descriptions of needlework in patchwork technique, as well as step by step to follow the creation of masterpieces.

It is possible to learn the patchwork technique online. Our needlewomen can go all the way to creating their own masterpiece together with like-minded people, sharing their impressions on the forums. Receiving support, advice from craftswomen and a real assessment of their work.

In the patchwork style, not only blankets are sewn, beautiful bags, cosmetic bags, paintings and even toys are created. Some craftsmen use patchwork to create exclusive high-class clothes.

The patchwork style in our society is a sought-after fashion trend that is gaining momentum and fans.Products in the technique of patchwork are highly valued. For decades to come, the painstaking work of needlewomen, their artistic taste and patience invested in products of stunning beauty will delight.