All types of needlework

Demanded types of needlework

A few years ago we didn’t hear about scrapbooking, quilling or sweet design, but today these ideas don’t seem new anymore.

On the other hand, the old, long-existing needlework techniques not only have their own army of fans, but are being revived and developed. Beautiful handmade products never go out of style. Earnings on needlework

Of course, it is impossible to list all types of needlework, but we will list the most popular ones.


The first place in the list of popular types of needlework is invariably held by knitting. In the modern world, there are more and more opportunities for creative realization, but the technique of creating things with your own hands from yarn has been passed down from generation to generation for many centuries.

Having arisen as a household necessity, knitting now belongs to the category of art. What can you do with knitting needles, a hook and a skein of yarn! Fashionable knitwear has long been the property of the catwalks.

Those who wish to master this type of needlework need only stock up on the necessary materials and choose the method of interest. For example, you can knit, crochet or even a fork.


Needless to say here – at all times there were those who wanted to sew something original and different, something that fits perfectly, given the features of the figure. In addition to wardrobe items, you can offer toys, decorative pillows, patchwork or other items.

Felting wool

In this technique, you can create both small things – jewelry, toys, paintings, and something grandiose – coats, bags, and even carpets or furniture. You can learn about the basics of felting wool on my blog.


The next most popular type of needlework is embroidery. This way of creative realization is the execution of a pattern on the fabric with the help of threads, beads and even ribbons.

The easiest way is to embroider from threads. The implementation of simple schemes is perfect for school-age children.

Older and more experienced craftswomen can make a picture, the scheme for which is sold in any sewing store in a wide range. It is also possible to create it yourself by uploading the picture you like into a special program. So you can even embroider portraits of loved ones, which will be an excellent and very original gift.


This is a fashionable type of needlework, the essence of which is to decorate postcards, photo albums and commemorative boxes. To create an original design, improvised materials are used: magazine clippings, pictures, ribbons, beads, shells, etc.

This is not only an interesting and exciting activity for girls, but also a way to beautifully arrange memorabilia and decorative elements.

Many craftswomen make such crafts to order, based on the wishes of the client. So, young mothers often want to get a colorful story of their baby’s life, keeping small little things associated with the first moments of the baby’s birth as a keepsake. For example, prints of pens, a tag from the hospital, a lock of hair and much more.


Another interesting type of needlework, which is to create three-dimensional compositions from twisted strips of paper. Postcards and gift boxes are usually decorated with ready-made crafts, and they are also used as separate decorative elements.

It is quite simple to make products using the quilling technique, but the process itself will require perseverance and patience.

This type of creativity has gained wide popularity due to its availability to a large circle due to its low cost. Crafts are made from paper using a special stick with an unhooked end, glue and tweezers. All these materials are sold in special stores.

Patchwork (quilting).

Patchwork is called patchwork, the essence of which is to make a mosaic of fabric flaps according to the chosen pattern.

The main difficulty of this type of needlework lies in the correct selection of material. Using the patchwork technique, blankets, blankets, potholders and panels are made from fabric.

Previously, this type of creativity was considered the work of poor people, but now it belongs to the fashion trend and is great for women or children who want to make an original thing with their own hands to enliven the interior of the room.


This type of needlework, which is the decoration of household items with pieces of paper, originated in France. Quite popular due to low costs and easy execution technique.

The essence of the work is gluing the necessary paper pieces in the form of a mosaic, and then varnishing the workpiece. The result is the effect of antiquity, which will give a special zest to the usual interior items.

Soap making and making homemade cosmetics.

Handmade soap can now be found in almost any store. But, if you have succeeded in soap making, you can always offer soap in different shapes and smells, besides, it is a natural and environmentally friendly product.

Handmade cosmetics are also very popular. Funds often come out much more useful than store-bought ones. Proven craftswomen do not suffer from a lack of customers. You can create oil blends, scrubs, masks, shampoos, massage tiles and more.

Sculpting from polymer clay.

Clay is a material with almost limitless possibilities. Products from it will turn out bright, unusual and beautiful: jewelry, toys, household items – everything can be done, if only there was a fantasy.

Topiary art

Came to us from ancient Rome. So called cutting plants in the form of various shapes. Now topiaries are a subject of decor and interior design and can represent both small plants and small trees on a stem, made from improvised means.

There are a lot of handicraft techniques, and in addition to the above, you can make jewelry, beading, painting on fabric and much more.