Diamond embroidery – what is it

What is diamond embroidery?

Diamond embroidery is an art for lovers of painstaking work, but not those who love threads, needles and hoops.

Not natural diamonds are used in the work, but plastic pebbles with a cut that so resembles the sparkle of precious stones. Jewelry pictures made using this technique look original and flawless.

Diamond embroidery is the creation of paintings on a fabric basis using pebbles-crystals according to the scheme. Rhinestone embroidery is reminiscent of the ancient mosaic technique.

Only now, not natural stones, but artificial rhinestones are used to make the picture. The pebbles are glued to the base on the printed scheme, framed in a baguette and a real work of art comes out.

Diamond embroidery – how to use?

You can also use a regular pencil to draw the drawing. You also need a metal ruler, it is convenient for it to align the already laid out rows and correct the diamond embroidery rhinestones that have moved out.

Sometimes the kit includes glue to glue the rhinestones if the glue base is dry. Note that some manufacturers save money and not all kits have a pressure stick or tweezers.

Types of diamond embroidery

Similar products can be divided into groups according to different criteria:

Type of drawing on the canvas. The image on the canvas can be color or black and white. The last option is in the form of letters or numbers. To create large canvases, it is advised to choose a color scheme.

Diamond painting also differs in the type of calculation: full or partial. In the second version, some element of the picture is laid out in the picture, more often it is the central detail. The rest is done with high quality printing. When fully laid out, the picture is completely filled with rhinestones.

Classic rhinestone embroidery is a canvas with an applied pattern. A new version – counted embroidery with rhinestones – the white base has only an applied grid of 10×10 squares and a separately printed color pattern. It assumes an independent arrangement of rhinestones on the basis.

Types of rhinestones for embroidery

You can make paintings from crystals with different pebbles. The same scheme, lined with rhinestones of different shapes, will look original in its own way. Rhinestones for embroidery are different:

Square – opaque or matte (usually their size is 2.5×2.5 mm).
Round are of two types: matte and shiny. They are easier to work with, since you do not need to lay out exactly butt to butt.

You can make a picture of Swarovski crystals. Such pebbles are glued either with glue or with the help of heat. Rhinestones lay out the outline of the picture or fill in its individual parts.

Rhinestone picture frame

Such a product in itself can be a good gift. Pictures from a diamond mosaic are a present in which the giver has invested a piece of his soul.

Diamond embroidery, decorated with a frame, will look presentable and neat. It can be made of metal, wood, plaster and other materials.

You can use not only the frame, but also the passe-partout and glass. You can choose a more budget option, just insert it into a photo frame. Craftswomen can use a ceiling plinth for decoration. Frames decorated with the remains of rhinestones look interesting.

If you need to place a diamond embroidery in a frame with glass, first make sure that the gap between the glass and the base of the rhinestones will fit in height.

Many instead of the usual one suggest using an anti-reflective or museum version of glass: the first one makes the picture cloudy, and the second one is expensive.

If frames of a suitable size could not be found, the passe-partout will correct the situation. When choosing, it is important to consider the color scheme of the room where it will be located.

Paintings from rhinestones in the interior

Although the diamond mosaic looks attractive, not every interior is ready to “accept” such creativity. Sometimes the picture is pleasing to the eye, but the color scheme does not at all match the wallpaper in the room or the decoration. In order for diamond embroidery to become a part of home decoration, there are several solutions:

It is not necessary to place a picture on the wall. Rhinestone embroidery will be appropriate on a shelf, closet, bedside table.

By complementing the interior with decorative elements that are in harmony with the picture, you can create a secluded corner of art.

If the picture in its technical and color scheme does not harmonize with the design of the room, then a frame that repeats the elements of interior decor can become a way out.

A large picture can be placed on the floor, but there must be free space around it.

Do not forget about the subject of the paintings. If diamond embroidery will be located in the office, then the theme should correspond to the tastes of the owner. For the kitchen, you should choose flower arrangements or still lifes.

A motley abstraction is suitable for the hallway. For a bedroom and a nursery, you should choose paintings on a calm theme, but the living room will accept almost any plot.